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May 6th, 2016

10:14 pm - Common life
This is the strangest life I've ever known.

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April 27th, 2016

12:04 am - Doors
If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

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March 6th, 2016

11:18 am - 9
9 is an interesting number. It is the first odd number that isn't a prime number. It is the first number whose square root is an odd number.

Is it more interesting that 7? Probably. 7 is just a prime number without too much to differentiate it from 3, 5, 11, or 13. Is it more interesting than 2? No way because 2 is the first prime number, and the only even prime. Is it more interesting than 4? Probably not. 4 is the first non-prime and is also a square number. But 9 is pretty interesting compared to most other small numbers.

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January 7th, 2015

11:02 pm - Tabletop games and trying too hard
Purchased board game of Lord of the Rings recently. Because was discounted due to stepson's band thing and because Lord of the Rings is awesome. Played with 3 of stepsons over Christmas holiday. Is insanely complex game. Kind of ridiculous. Played for like two hours before was winner because card got drawn which allowed drawer to decide if wanted to roll one time to decide winner or continue playing. Two hours is massive amount of time in the modern age of videogames, sound bites, vine, and other instant gratification things. Somewhat disappointed by game. Hoping to force stepchildren to play again this weekend for more fun. Ho ho ho, am wicked stepfather now. Forcing to play boardgames.

Oooo, hate hitting bad ctrl keys in web browser sometimes. Just lost paragraph of entertainment.

Probably need to give feline update. Has been months. Foundling Sherman, named after Richard Sherman, has been pretty wonderful kitty. Except is going though teenage kitty times now and jumping on Poli and Effy just a little too much. Is being a little poo. Has learned interesting game though. Plays fetch with big hair bands. Not 80s thing. The elastic, cloth covered bands for persons with large amount of hair that standard thin band can't contain. Probably spend on average thirty minutes per day playing that game with Sherman. Good fun but tiring sometimes. Cats want to play when want to play regardless if others want to play.

Effy is doing well. No real change in last few months other than jumping Poli less often. Probably too paranoid that Sherman will butt in.

Poli has been overly mental lately. Sherman is being poo and jumping on for "fun" too often. Darn teenager. Bad enough with 3 teenage stepkids and 3 preteen stepkids. Have to deal with teenage kitty too.

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August 9th, 2014

08:13 pm - Juice cleanse
Took class from doctor in July about a juice fast / liver cleanse diet in July. After much deliberation decided, why not? Give a try. Has been interesting and kind of fun. Pretty difficult in some ways too.

First couple of days was pre-fast. Only had plain fruits and vegetables. Had had stomach flu for days before so was ok. Wasn't really up to eating meat, spices, caffeine, sugar, or booze anyways.

Then juice fast started. Bought ton of fruit and vegetables to juice. Got decent recipe book from wife too. Have two glasses of fruit juice in first part of the day. Then have similar amount of vegetable juice in latter part of day. Plus 4 cups of special herbal tea from doctor.

Fruit juice wasn't bad. Did a bunch of different things on different days. Vegetable juice is another matter. Not a fan. The first day made one of worst tasting things ever. Never juice a bunch of celery. Is terrible. Vegetable juice sucks.

Did that for five days. Then did two days of only drinking water plus the herbal tea. Those two days were probably most physically strenuous thing have ever done. Felt terrible. Self-inflicted though. Because on previous two days had felt so good had worked out in gym even though wasn't supposed to while on fast. Back on juice as of today for next three days. Had terrible queasiness and exhaustion. Plus stomach kept generating gas. Pretty much spent day in bed recovering from previous two days.

Mood changes from fast have been interesting. As doctor said, first day was crabby as heck with mood swings. Luckily wife flew out of town that night so didn't have to put up with the moods. By third day of juicing was in a decent mood. Mighty tired in morning but ok other than that. Felt great on fourth and fifth day. Did have problem of getting bad headache every day. Each day was later though. Hopefully that problem is gone.

Back on vegetables in couple more days. Looking forward to some steamed cauliflower. Will do veggies for a couple of days at end of fast then slowly add stuff back in. Will probably wait a couple more days after that to add in proteins.

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November 25th, 2013

10:24 pm - Sadder
Is anything sadder than livejournal, the original blogging thing, neglected and unused due to the minimal attention span of the populace? Still likes it. Just lacking time to properly alter realities to make posts worthwhile. Even when have insomnia usually too exhausted to be semi-coherent. And semi-coherent is the best livejournal posting state.

Listening to new Katy Perry. Isn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Sure glad the era of grunge, trendy hiphop, and boybands is over. At least pop music is listenable with Ms. Perry and Lady Gaga nowadays. Way better than the era of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. Just have the poor personal decisions of music stars now rather than the poor music. John Meyer? WTF?

On the long haul as an archive of everything not worth reporting; Athena has been gone a long while. Had to let go after 5+ years of continually urinating on everything to mark territory. Tried anti-anxiety pills, calming incense, treats, anti-spraying spray, extra attention, spraying with water, and everything else that could come up with. Nothing worked. Was fixed but still seemed to think that spraying on everything was the cool thing to do. Called animal rescue, mother in law, humane society, and elsewhere but couldn't find a home. Just couldn't come up with a solution other than keeping outside all the time. Even that was spraying on barbeque and other stuff every day. Had to just give up. Feel bad about more than half a year after the fact.

On even more depressing note Bagheera did not make it through surgery couple of months ago. Most days when get home still expect to be waiting by cedar tree. But isn't. Had problems with nodules in ear canals for year and half or more. Were getting worse and worse with continual infections so figured needed to get taken care of for quality of life. Surgery was almost done when the old man just decided had had enough and stopped breathing. Vets could not revive. Wish had known was going to happen. Would have just kept home and kept comfortable rather than left at vet overnight on last day.

Old man Bing, parentals' cat, had serious health scare recently too. Had blood sugar drop badly and bunch of seizures. Thought sure wouldn't make it. Seems to have mostly recovered though.

Add on top of grandparental deciding to wander off the mortal coil over year ago has not been most wonderful year plus in that respect.

Wow, nearly most depressing livejournal post that have made. At least have significant other.

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February 28th, 2013

11:40 pm - Waiting for the son
Been a long, long time. Since have been here. Up late waiting for boy to get back from state basketball tournament at Tacoma Dome. Is in band and had to play tonight. Have to go pick up at school in while.

How has the world turned in last eight months or so? Well, looking back am still using Macbook Pro at work. Did open up and add another 8GB of memory because is piggy. Also filed down front edge because was way too abrupt when hands were resting on. Oracle still doesn't have functional OCI driver for Lion so using Debian VM for perl based work.

Got married. That was pretty great. Pretty pleased with that decision.

Cat situation is pretty much same as was. Bagheera has lots of ear problems though. Keeps getting infections. Effy has calmed down and is quite the helper kitty now. Sleeps in bedroom most nights. Poli is same as has been for long time. Athena's behavior problems are like was few years ago. Marks territory everywhere and tries to beat up Effy all the time. So gets to live in kennel and then gets carried around by people and spends parts of days outside. Seems pretty happy with that arrangement. Managed to open door and pee on speaker this morning. Spent over an hour going around office on hands and knees with flashlight looking for other spray spots to clean up.

Sinus problems are bit more manageable. Only because have figured out that can't run and bike in cold unless have lots of energy. If tired and push things; working, chores, staying up too late, eating badly, exercising, then get sick pretty much without fail. Taking various vitamins that appear to help a bit. Fighting off issues right now because have been working way too much last month or so. Lots of long days plus weekends. Or all day meetings where doing presentations. Sad thing is that only jog 5 to 10 miles per week nowadays. No biking in the winter at all this year. But haven't missed any days due to sinuses yet. Did have bad stomach flu couple of months ago though. Trying to stay in good enough shape to hit things hard by May when bike to work month happens. Would like to exceed 300 miles for month for first time in years.

Started playing with pinterest. Didn't realize that whatever did got posted to facebook until found out from friend. Since was looking up faeries was slightly embarrassing. Would say pinning faeries but that would be cruel. Getting good ideas for artwork that don't have time to make.

Time to go. Kid just texted that has arrived at school.

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June 26th, 2012

11:17 pm - Ack...

Still using Macbook Pro at work. Is unix-y but definitely slower than linux. Context switching is slower. Java definitely runs slower. GUI uses way more memory than X + fluxbox on linux. Also, had kernel panic due to ATI driver yesterday. Which sucked. Convenience factor of not having to configure everything manually is nice though. As is VPN ease of use. No loading kernel module plus running Cisco VPN client as root to get into work. Lack of 64b Oracle driver that works with Lion is a big pile of suck though. Had to create linux VM just to be able to work on perl codebase.

Have occasionally run into OS-X/HFS+ kernel bugs with regards to OS losing track of files or other odd issues too. Like running big build of code and says file isn't present. But is. And rerun build and no problem. Not like build is checking out the files or anything either. Even better bug is as follows. Copy file to different name on commandline. Like word file or something. Open newly created file via the commandline "open" command. Make changes. Save file. Doesn't save to newly created file. Saves to original file that copied from. Can reproduce problem on demand. Coworker has hit same problem using finder rather than commandline. Completely ridiculously incompetent bug.

Planning on installing native linux on an SSD but need to get a USB2 enclosure for the spare SSD that have in order to do the installing. If works well, will probably pull the installed drive and replace with the SSD, but can't be down and not functional until have time to get all of that done.

Cat report; All is well. Poli is calmest and mellowest that has been overall since living in North Seattle. Been playing lots. Athena is about as sane as can be expected. Which is not very. But does get in lots of sleeping in office, particularly on Michele's chair and on laser printer. Bagheera is as per usual. Likes to get exercise by chasing Athena. Likes eating too much. And waits every afternoon until people come home. Effy has relaxed a bit after getting fixed. Athena can still get stirred up though. All of the cats are looking for entertainment tonight. Home alone today and four cats is hard to entertain. Still miss Dalamar and Kabuki on regular basis. Doubt Bagheera and Athena do though (for differing reasons.)

Wedding plans proceed apace. Got most major things taken care of. Just over month to go. Been thinking need more dance practice. Still don't have wedding-specific pants. Kind that was going to wear are sold out. Hoping for new shipment. Trying to find alternatives still.
Current Mood: awakeawake

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March 25th, 2012

10:14 pm - Strep down turn around
Been dealing with a case of strep infection in sinuses and throat for while now. Kind of getting better finally. Definitely really sick for quite some time. Missed three days or work then was able to kind of work for last three days of the week. Today is first day that haven't had to lay down for nap in week and half.

Down to four cats in household again. Miss B. has left the premises with Logan. Poli has been enjoying the spring weather. Lots of running around. Ate two squirrels in last week. Has been having lots of fun. Athena has even been in a slightly better mood. Now that Miss B. isn't around to torment Athena things should be calmer. Bagheera still isn't caring for the allergen free diet. But isn't complaining too much about the fish based food. Definitely dislikes the venison based stuff.

Tired. Time for bed.

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February 29th, 2012

08:57 pm - Wasteland
Not a teenage wasteland because don't know any teenagers that would bother writing more than a sentence or two so wouldn't have a use for livejournal. Heard that song on radio today. Think Who is definitely overrated.

Got a Macbook Pro the other day for work. Suppose is acceptable now that Steve Jobs is dead. Still don't care for the cult of Mac. But seems to be dying down without the cult authority figure. Surprisingly the operating system is more unix-y than expected. Can have multiple desktops the same as normal NextStep based windows managers. And uses same keyboard shortcuts as would expect. Just had to turn on that functionality. Has normal unix terminal windows also. And are standard 80x24 size. As the gods intended terminal windows to be. Have tomcat, apache, maven, postfix, and normal stuff that use all installed and working. Apache is set up same as on debian based linux distributions with /etc/apache2 for configurations.

Things that don't like. Sharp edge of laptop digs into arms if using laptop in bed. One mouse button is worthless. Have usb mouse plugged in. No page up, page down keys. launchctl is too fancy. /etc/rc.* and init.d should be good enough. Haven't figured out how to lock screen and launch screensaver in convenient fashion via keyboard shortcut. Even though form factor is pretty nice (60% of thickness of Lenovo laptop) is pretty heavy. Keyboard isn't quite as nice as Lenovo laptops. Eclipse is still a CPU and memory pig. Whole app hangs in some cases like when trying to install plugin.

Probably have at least a few hours more of configuring things like perforce client, code collaborator, and installing some CPAN modules before can say is ready to be useful as work laptop. But overall hasn't been as crappy of user experience as expected. Of course as much as Mac Book Pros cost ought to be damned good.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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