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Wasteland - nekoken

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February 29th, 2012

08:57 pm - Wasteland
Not a teenage wasteland because don't know any teenagers that would bother writing more than a sentence or two so wouldn't have a use for livejournal. Heard that song on radio today. Think Who is definitely overrated.

Got a Macbook Pro the other day for work. Suppose is acceptable now that Steve Jobs is dead. Still don't care for the cult of Mac. But seems to be dying down without the cult authority figure. Surprisingly the operating system is more unix-y than expected. Can have multiple desktops the same as normal NextStep based windows managers. And uses same keyboard shortcuts as would expect. Just had to turn on that functionality. Has normal unix terminal windows also. And are standard 80x24 size. As the gods intended terminal windows to be. Have tomcat, apache, maven, postfix, and normal stuff that use all installed and working. Apache is set up same as on debian based linux distributions with /etc/apache2 for configurations.

Things that don't like. Sharp edge of laptop digs into arms if using laptop in bed. One mouse button is worthless. Have usb mouse plugged in. No page up, page down keys. launchctl is too fancy. /etc/rc.* and init.d should be good enough. Haven't figured out how to lock screen and launch screensaver in convenient fashion via keyboard shortcut. Even though form factor is pretty nice (60% of thickness of Lenovo laptop) is pretty heavy. Keyboard isn't quite as nice as Lenovo laptops. Eclipse is still a CPU and memory pig. Whole app hangs in some cases like when trying to install plugin.

Probably have at least a few hours more of configuring things like perforce client, code collaborator, and installing some CPAN modules before can say is ready to be useful as work laptop. But overall hasn't been as crappy of user experience as expected. Of course as much as Mac Book Pros cost ought to be damned good.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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Date:March 2nd, 2012 08:46 pm (UTC)
pwned! you'll never go back.

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