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Strep down turn around - nekoken

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March 25th, 2012

10:14 pm - Strep down turn around
Been dealing with a case of strep infection in sinuses and throat for while now. Kind of getting better finally. Definitely really sick for quite some time. Missed three days or work then was able to kind of work for last three days of the week. Today is first day that haven't had to lay down for nap in week and half.

Down to four cats in household again. Miss B. has left the premises with Logan. Poli has been enjoying the spring weather. Lots of running around. Ate two squirrels in last week. Has been having lots of fun. Athena has even been in a slightly better mood. Now that Miss B. isn't around to torment Athena things should be calmer. Bagheera still isn't caring for the allergen free diet. But isn't complaining too much about the fish based food. Definitely dislikes the venison based stuff.

Tired. Time for bed.

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