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Ack... - nekoken

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June 26th, 2012

11:17 pm - Ack...

Still using Macbook Pro at work. Is unix-y but definitely slower than linux. Context switching is slower. Java definitely runs slower. GUI uses way more memory than X + fluxbox on linux. Also, had kernel panic due to ATI driver yesterday. Which sucked. Convenience factor of not having to configure everything manually is nice though. As is VPN ease of use. No loading kernel module plus running Cisco VPN client as root to get into work. Lack of 64b Oracle driver that works with Lion is a big pile of suck though. Had to create linux VM just to be able to work on perl codebase.

Have occasionally run into OS-X/HFS+ kernel bugs with regards to OS losing track of files or other odd issues too. Like running big build of code and says file isn't present. But is. And rerun build and no problem. Not like build is checking out the files or anything either. Even better bug is as follows. Copy file to different name on commandline. Like word file or something. Open newly created file via the commandline "open" command. Make changes. Save file. Doesn't save to newly created file. Saves to original file that copied from. Can reproduce problem on demand. Coworker has hit same problem using finder rather than commandline. Completely ridiculously incompetent bug.

Planning on installing native linux on an SSD but need to get a USB2 enclosure for the spare SSD that have in order to do the installing. If works well, will probably pull the installed drive and replace with the SSD, but can't be down and not functional until have time to get all of that done.

Cat report; All is well. Poli is calmest and mellowest that has been overall since living in North Seattle. Been playing lots. Athena is about as sane as can be expected. Which is not very. But does get in lots of sleeping in office, particularly on Michele's chair and on laser printer. Bagheera is as per usual. Likes to get exercise by chasing Athena. Likes eating too much. And waits every afternoon until people come home. Effy has relaxed a bit after getting fixed. Athena can still get stirred up though. All of the cats are looking for entertainment tonight. Home alone today and four cats is hard to entertain. Still miss Dalamar and Kabuki on regular basis. Doubt Bagheera and Athena do though (for differing reasons.)

Wedding plans proceed apace. Got most major things taken care of. Just over month to go. Been thinking need more dance practice. Still don't have wedding-specific pants. Kind that was going to wear are sold out. Hoping for new shipment. Trying to find alternatives still.
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