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Waiting for the son - nekoken

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February 28th, 2013

11:40 pm - Waiting for the son
Been a long, long time. Since have been here. Up late waiting for boy to get back from state basketball tournament at Tacoma Dome. Is in band and had to play tonight. Have to go pick up at school in while.

How has the world turned in last eight months or so? Well, looking back am still using Macbook Pro at work. Did open up and add another 8GB of memory because is piggy. Also filed down front edge because was way too abrupt when hands were resting on. Oracle still doesn't have functional OCI driver for Lion so using Debian VM for perl based work.

Got married. That was pretty great. Pretty pleased with that decision.

Cat situation is pretty much same as was. Bagheera has lots of ear problems though. Keeps getting infections. Effy has calmed down and is quite the helper kitty now. Sleeps in bedroom most nights. Poli is same as has been for long time. Athena's behavior problems are like was few years ago. Marks territory everywhere and tries to beat up Effy all the time. So gets to live in kennel and then gets carried around by people and spends parts of days outside. Seems pretty happy with that arrangement. Managed to open door and pee on speaker this morning. Spent over an hour going around office on hands and knees with flashlight looking for other spray spots to clean up.

Sinus problems are bit more manageable. Only because have figured out that can't run and bike in cold unless have lots of energy. If tired and push things; working, chores, staying up too late, eating badly, exercising, then get sick pretty much without fail. Taking various vitamins that appear to help a bit. Fighting off issues right now because have been working way too much last month or so. Lots of long days plus weekends. Or all day meetings where doing presentations. Sad thing is that only jog 5 to 10 miles per week nowadays. No biking in the winter at all this year. But haven't missed any days due to sinuses yet. Did have bad stomach flu couple of months ago though. Trying to stay in good enough shape to hit things hard by May when bike to work month happens. Would like to exceed 300 miles for month for first time in years.

Started playing with pinterest. Didn't realize that whatever did got posted to facebook until found out from friend. Since was looking up faeries was slightly embarrassing. Would say pinning faeries but that would be cruel. Getting good ideas for artwork that don't have time to make.

Time to go. Kid just texted that has arrived at school.

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