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Sadder - nekoken

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November 25th, 2013

10:24 pm - Sadder
Is anything sadder than livejournal, the original blogging thing, neglected and unused due to the minimal attention span of the populace? Still likes it. Just lacking time to properly alter realities to make posts worthwhile. Even when have insomnia usually too exhausted to be semi-coherent. And semi-coherent is the best livejournal posting state.

Listening to new Katy Perry. Isn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Sure glad the era of grunge, trendy hiphop, and boybands is over. At least pop music is listenable with Ms. Perry and Lady Gaga nowadays. Way better than the era of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. Just have the poor personal decisions of music stars now rather than the poor music. John Meyer? WTF?

On the long haul as an archive of everything not worth reporting; Athena has been gone a long while. Had to let go after 5+ years of continually urinating on everything to mark territory. Tried anti-anxiety pills, calming incense, treats, anti-spraying spray, extra attention, spraying with water, and everything else that could come up with. Nothing worked. Was fixed but still seemed to think that spraying on everything was the cool thing to do. Called animal rescue, mother in law, humane society, and elsewhere but couldn't find a home. Just couldn't come up with a solution other than keeping outside all the time. Even that was spraying on barbeque and other stuff every day. Had to just give up. Feel bad about more than half a year after the fact.

On even more depressing note Bagheera did not make it through surgery couple of months ago. Most days when get home still expect to be waiting by cedar tree. But isn't. Had problems with nodules in ear canals for year and half or more. Were getting worse and worse with continual infections so figured needed to get taken care of for quality of life. Surgery was almost done when the old man just decided had had enough and stopped breathing. Vets could not revive. Wish had known was going to happen. Would have just kept home and kept comfortable rather than left at vet overnight on last day.

Old man Bing, parentals' cat, had serious health scare recently too. Had blood sugar drop badly and bunch of seizures. Thought sure wouldn't make it. Seems to have mostly recovered though.

Add on top of grandparental deciding to wander off the mortal coil over year ago has not been most wonderful year plus in that respect.

Wow, nearly most depressing livejournal post that have made. At least have significant other.

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