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Juice cleanse - nekoken

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August 9th, 2014

08:13 pm - Juice cleanse
Took class from doctor in July about a juice fast / liver cleanse diet in July. After much deliberation decided, why not? Give a try. Has been interesting and kind of fun. Pretty difficult in some ways too.

First couple of days was pre-fast. Only had plain fruits and vegetables. Had had stomach flu for days before so was ok. Wasn't really up to eating meat, spices, caffeine, sugar, or booze anyways.

Then juice fast started. Bought ton of fruit and vegetables to juice. Got decent recipe book from wife too. Have two glasses of fruit juice in first part of the day. Then have similar amount of vegetable juice in latter part of day. Plus 4 cups of special herbal tea from doctor.

Fruit juice wasn't bad. Did a bunch of different things on different days. Vegetable juice is another matter. Not a fan. The first day made one of worst tasting things ever. Never juice a bunch of celery. Is terrible. Vegetable juice sucks.

Did that for five days. Then did two days of only drinking water plus the herbal tea. Those two days were probably most physically strenuous thing have ever done. Felt terrible. Self-inflicted though. Because on previous two days had felt so good had worked out in gym even though wasn't supposed to while on fast. Back on juice as of today for next three days. Had terrible queasiness and exhaustion. Plus stomach kept generating gas. Pretty much spent day in bed recovering from previous two days.

Mood changes from fast have been interesting. As doctor said, first day was crabby as heck with mood swings. Luckily wife flew out of town that night so didn't have to put up with the moods. By third day of juicing was in a decent mood. Mighty tired in morning but ok other than that. Felt great on fourth and fifth day. Did have problem of getting bad headache every day. Each day was later though. Hopefully that problem is gone.

Back on vegetables in couple more days. Looking forward to some steamed cauliflower. Will do veggies for a couple of days at end of fast then slowly add stuff back in. Will probably wait a couple more days after that to add in proteins.

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