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Tabletop games and trying too hard - nekoken

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January 7th, 2015

11:02 pm - Tabletop games and trying too hard
Purchased board game of Lord of the Rings recently. Because was discounted due to stepson's band thing and because Lord of the Rings is awesome. Played with 3 of stepsons over Christmas holiday. Is insanely complex game. Kind of ridiculous. Played for like two hours before was winner because card got drawn which allowed drawer to decide if wanted to roll one time to decide winner or continue playing. Two hours is massive amount of time in the modern age of videogames, sound bites, vine, and other instant gratification things. Somewhat disappointed by game. Hoping to force stepchildren to play again this weekend for more fun. Ho ho ho, am wicked stepfather now. Forcing to play boardgames.

Oooo, hate hitting bad ctrl keys in web browser sometimes. Just lost paragraph of entertainment.

Probably need to give feline update. Has been months. Foundling Sherman, named after Richard Sherman, has been pretty wonderful kitty. Except is going though teenage kitty times now and jumping on Poli and Effy just a little too much. Is being a little poo. Has learned interesting game though. Plays fetch with big hair bands. Not 80s thing. The elastic, cloth covered bands for persons with large amount of hair that standard thin band can't contain. Probably spend on average thirty minutes per day playing that game with Sherman. Good fun but tiring sometimes. Cats want to play when want to play regardless if others want to play.

Effy is doing well. No real change in last few months other than jumping Poli less often. Probably too paranoid that Sherman will butt in.

Poli has been overly mental lately. Sherman is being poo and jumping on for "fun" too often. Darn teenager. Bad enough with 3 teenage stepkids and 3 preteen stepkids. Have to deal with teenage kitty too.

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