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February 18th, 2012

02:30 pm - Status check
'tis Saturday and am working. Have release deadline earlier than would like to have and stuff ain't quite right. Found a bunch of problems with unit test code and less than perfect stability there. Figured out some tests weren't testing right things. And weren't cleaning up afterwards. Interesting thing about way test infrastructure is written. One unit test suite was creating 96 discrete database connections across dozen or so tests. Managed to minimize that down to 72. Need major surgery to chop it down to 1 per test. Too late in release cycle to be doing now.

While cleaning up the unit test problems also figured out that core business logic that was testing wasn't quite right and test was operating in fashion not like actual running code. Fixed that which caused even more tests to fail and even more cleanup that needed to occur. Hoping at end of tunnel of fixing finally. Just finished one test suite. No failures! On to next pile of suites. Then integration tests. Sure would be nice to have QA sometimes. Sure is lots of just push button, come back and analyze to see what happened, but still tiresome.

At least can VPN in. Amazingly enough got in on first try today. Normally have to try at least 3 times due to Cisco bug where xauth doesn't get handed off properly on server side when server is busy. One of few nice things about working on weekend. Otherwise probably would have had to go into office.

No nice stereo at office either. Which is 'nother benefit. Really hope get at least 5 more years out of Linn AV5140 speakers. Definitely not in budget to have to replace any time soon. Had to replace tweeter in one rear speaker 6 or 8 months ago. Benjamin poked finger into old one and broke. When moved to house, seal on woofer on other rear speaker came loose too. Fixed that with silicone sealant.

Installing Steam games on gaming rig while running tests from work laptop. Sure have lot of games that can't seem to make time to play. Looking at stats have by far spent more time with Skyrim than any other game. 45 hours so far.

Cat report; Bagheera has had multiple vet visits in last few months. Growths in ears due to long-term allergy problems. Couple of different ear treatments which weren't exactly happy inducing. Poli needs the extra claws on front feet clipped again. Always an annoying chore. Has extra claw growing between thumb and normal paw. Athena hasn't peed on anything that know of for few weeks and hope that continues. Miss B has become the new helper kitty. Effy has been running around crazy a lot lately.
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January 15th, 2012

02:49 pm - Lately
No more cat fatalities since last long ago post, luckily. Have Logan's cats, Ms. B and Effy, living at the house right now too. Ms. B is sleeping in the beanbag. Poli is sleeping on the loveseat. Think Athena is sleeping upstairs in bed. Not sure where Bagheera and Effy are.

Lots going on. Got engagement ring done while ago and Michele is wearing. Am pretty pleased with. Can go to site and click link to see the what looks like. Have design for wedding bands done and will work on that soon. Need to get on stick for some other wedding stuffs soon though. Thinking about save the date and invitation designs right now.

Christmas was mighty busy. Just lots going on with the kids and work. Got sick right after holidays ended. Better now. Snowed last night and during day. Kids played in a bunch and got quite wet. Power went out for an hour or so.

Got awoken at 4am by Maddi and friend when got up inordinately early. Was awake until after 6. Finally made it back to sleep and then Poli wanted in at 6:30. Operating on 4 hours total of sleep. Luckily is quiet day. Snowed in, watching football, and played a bit of World of Warcraft. Cooking a pork roast. Originally supposed to go to Bremerton for family pictures but the snow put a damper on that.

Yesterday was a unique experience. With Michele took Ashton to monster truck show at Tacoma Dome. Loud, smelly, and full of stupid. That's the gist of the experience. Oh, and sticky due to the spilled stuff on bleachers. Fortunately Ashton had a monstrously good time.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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September 29th, 2011

08:05 pm - 3 lives
Down another cat today. Piper got hit by a car in a pretty horrible way and the kids had to see some of it, sounds like. Got the news while riding home from work on the bus with Miss Madison. Not particularly pleasant. Have lost four cats in less than six months now. Three girls hit by cars and Kabuki just disappeared. Don't particularly care for the heart clenching on such a regular basis. Knew Piper was going to get hit. Started going across the road last month once goat was gone. Think started when was trying to imitate Dalamar.

Had Miss Madison at work this afternoon. Got sick at school in the morning and even though was better, can not go back once have left. Michele had class so brought on down to the office. As expected got lots of attention. Kept Simon from getting too much focus on work with all of the interesting toys on the desk.

Eating gift pie at the moment. Sasan baked a pie and graciously sent home with. Apple. Is pretty good. Having very large piece.

Have another guest cat tonight. Effy, Logan's other cat, is at house. Was at Port Orchard house alone for most of last two weeks and was very lonely. Teenage cat so was starting to go feral without any human contact. Took like forty-five minutes to get calmed down on Tuesday night when stayed over there. Then wanted lots of attention and did a decent amount of talking. Went over that way to work on house. Finished painting laundry room. Put trim back on cabinet. Patched sheetrock holes from tv wall mount. Found out house is infested with fleas. Killed like sixty or more that kept hopping on lower legs. Ick. Will need to flea bomb. Tiresome and a half. Still painting to do and couple of other things. Should have just hired movers originally then hired painter. Would have been done months ago. Would not have flea problem. Would have cost less overall.

Between Port Orchard house stress and work stress has been plenty. Lots of work-ness going on. Many hours and many simultaneous projects with hard and fast deadlines. Then things like Spencer's driver's education, Ammon and Aaron's sports, and Benjamin on a rampage of trouble have been jumping up eating time and energy. Just dealing with the younger kids' homework is pretty much three person job. Have been helping. Michele has been helping. And have Aaron or Logan helping on regular basis too.

Did manage to cook real dinner two nights in last week though. Had not managed that in while. Was somewhat tasty. Finished last of leftovers tonight.
Current Mood: indescribableindescribable

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August 3rd, 2011

10:39 pm - More troubles
More trouble and not talking about the livejournal troubles of not being able to log in or post for long time due to DoS or whatever. Dalamar got hit by car and died week ago. Hasn't been a particularly good week. Had for about five years and was pretty darned important. Down to the handed down cats now; Poli and Athena. Hoping Kabuki is still alive somewhere and just decided wanted to go different direction. Have Bagheera and Piper too, but isn't the same. Just live by too busy of road. Definitely don't want to get any more pets until living somewhere much further away from traffic.

Since livejournal was unresponsive lately never posted the much happier news. Am engaged now. Went ring shopping couple and a half weeks ago. Supposedly designs are being sketched by ring maker but have not seen anything yet. Lots of looking at venues online and thinking about what want wedding to really be.

So one really good thing and one really bad thing. Guess that's what balance is all about.

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June 19th, 2011

08:19 pm - Been a long, long while
Has been a month or so since last post. Things have occurred but the important things are that Kabuki disappeared 5 weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. Hoping that decided to go wandering and either got lost or got trapped inside house when people thought that was just too awesome of a cat to let go. Will renew tracking chip just in case.

Today Gemini was killed when got hit by car. Was over at parentals' for father's day and came home in afternoon. Michele saw cat on side of road when pulled in. Went down and was Gemini. Not really the best ending to a weekend.

Have not seen Dalamar, Athena, or Piper since Friday when left. But Spencer saw all of the cats earlier today. Probably time to go call kitty, kitty, kitty and see what shows up.
Current Mood: sadsad

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May 13th, 2011

04:49 pm - Laaaaag
Been experiencing the joys of illness last two plus weeks. Started as sinus problem, then sore throat, chills, aches, and short fever. Then evolved to serious throat issues with laryngitis. Got kind of better then turned into stomach thing which has been off and on for last week. Finally went to doctor today. Probably just a case of the crud according to the doctor. Definitely going around. Number of people at work have had and still have after couple of weeks.

When have been healthy enough have been riding motorcycle to work. Got around 43mpg on the last tank of gas. Too sick to make it in part of the time. Worked from home a couple of times and had to take a couple of sick days.

Managed to redo pantry shelving, installing a full set of wire shelving last weekend when was feeling somewhat better. Did few other random chores too. Not much though, too sick most of time.

Added to the fun was that the septic system stopped working last weekend. Turns out the line between the septic tank and junction box to the drainfield gave up the ghost. Was too sick to do anything about so had to depend on landlord to get problem rectified. That did not happen until like Wednesday. Kids and Michele had a less than fun time with lack of showering, laundry, and dish washing ability. Luckily could shower at work.

Stupid internet connection at the old house has been defunct as of late. Need to get cracking on getting the mail/web server set up at current house.
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April 26th, 2011

08:23 pm - Bullahaboo
Posting has been at a near record low as of late. Going for a drought. Think will blame global warming. Lots going on as per usual. Living in Bothell nowadays. Still migrating stuff out of Port Orchard house into Bothell house and storage. Other stuffs often get in way of getting more done on that front. Big hurdle completed today. Michele had piano moved into storage while was at work. Now is more room in office/home theater.

Took kids to zoo on Saturday before Easter for festivities which weren't terribly awesome. Had fun anyway. Saw baby ocelot and lots of penguins. Colored eggs that night. Baked ham on Easter. Will be eating lots of ham for awhile. Had football ham in fridge that needed eating in addition to spiral cut ham that baked.

Moved motorcycle over awhile ago. Riding that into work occasionally. Riding bicycle most of time. Almost time for bike to work month. Working on getting up to going full way there and back, 36 miles per day. Hopefully doesn't lead to repeat of 200 miles in first 2 weeks then really sick for next month then sick most of rest of year until sinus surgery in fall.

Was wondering what Kabuki was up to since hadn't seen in couple of days. And just came in now to say hi. Cats have been doing pretty well. Dalamar doesn't like going outside at this house. Bagheera likes to terrorize miss Dalamar occasionally. Other than that, all is well.

Got new phones last weekend. Motorola Atrix phones. Much faster and more responsive than old HTC G1 and Motorola Droid that Michele had. Battery life is better too. Had unplugged for more than 48 hours and still has like half charge. Hope continues to be that way.

Took Michele to Puetz Golf driving range while ago to start teaching how to play golf. Seemed to have fun. Went out on peninsula for weekend getaway and had hot stone massages and fancy food as late Valentine's present too. Different weekend but in-between previous journal post and current post. Went to ballet recently too as reciprocal Valentine's present.

Not much more can think of. Laters.

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March 13th, 2011

10:59 pm - Ch cha change
Spare some change? If not, have plenty to give out. Pretty much moved in with significant other and the kids now. Lots of stuff left in the Port Orchard house but the critical things excepting the main workstation are moved over. Set up home theater last weekend. Got significant other's desk rebuilt and extended too. Have the gaming computer set up as of yesterday. Thought was having internet speed issues. Forgot that Xeno network card has options to specify the bandwidth of network connection and was artificially limitied to 1/15th the actual speed. Working much better now. Put music server up on network too so have high quality music again finally.

Good friend and coworker ended up in hospital last week with really nasty, long-term thing. Pretty depressing. Visited on Friday. Had to put on all kinds of stuff because of potential risk of infection of H3N1 flu or some such thing and due to making sure not to cause infection due to lowered immune system. Took a couple of Nintendo DS-es and library of games to keep friend entertained. Had to wipe all down with that disinfecting hand sanitizer stuff. Kind of leaves a residue behind on hands if use enough. Went in and saw 3 laptops that added 2 game machines to. Quite the pile of technology for a hospital room. Smock, gloves, and face mask/eye shield got a little warm after awhile. Every time say smock think of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Anyways, visited for an hour or two. Started to head out to get home and make sure the kids didn't destroy the house after school. On way out finally got to meet friend's wife after more than a year of hearing about. Seemed nice and was good to finally know what looked like.

Rented storage facility on Saturday for storage of spare bed, comic books, most of book library, spare oven, and random other things. Did not get anything moved into though due to the persistent rain. Instead worked on a bunch of home projects like installing new towel bars, fixing dresser and drawer, and beginning assembly of oak base of card catalogue. Slow process due to needing to clamp pieces together for 24 hours for glue to cure.

Have not paid much attention to rest of world lately between moving, friend's problems, and work. Vaguely aware that big earthquakes in Japan occurred along with tsunami. Heard that NFL players' union decertified. Think NCAA basketball tournament starting soon. Obviously is magnitudes of difference in terms of importance. Just a little too much going on up close to pay particular attention to the rest of the world.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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February 27th, 2011

11:04 pm - Busy couple of weeks
Last couple of weeks have been busier than the norm. Moving in with the significant other in Bothell area. Moved the cats over three and four weeks ago. Cats are pretty settled in except are spending lots of time in the master bedroom. Usually have 4 in the room most of the night, even Athena. At the moment Athena is helping type this up, Dalamar is nesting on the fuzzy blanket at the foot of the bed, Poli is playing with the door, and Kabuki opened the door and went out of the bedroom awhile ago. Gemini following closely behind. Lots of fussing and feuding still on the hierarchy of catdom. Kabuki and Baghera got into it this morn and got the little kids all wound up.

Michele has been painting the downstairs room which will soon be the office and home theater. Installed a door in the formerly open entryway to that room last weekend. Paused on finishing when ran out of sheetrock mud for texturing. Moved lots of stuff over each weekend, but lots to deal with still. Got the bedroom stereo and electronics all set up except for the Sonos system which needs the network music server to get set up still. Weirdly, office was partially finished with unpainted cedar shingles. Looked pretty terrible so tore those out on one section of wall. More sheetrock finishing to do.

Managed to run or bike last couple of weeks. Finished week with 5 miles running 3 days in row. Felt pretty good. Kind of cold though. Think was like 20 degrees one morning. Coldest day was Thursday when running home in the heavy snow. Kind of wish had thicker running jacket sometimes instead of just the thin nylon shell. Still wore shorts each day.

All in all a good couple of weeks.
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February 11th, 2011

11:05 am - Smart cat
Called for Kabuki out the sliding glass door right before bed. Went to bed, and Michele went down to kitchen to take care of something. Kabuki was at the door asking to come in. Michele could tell that wasn't quite sure was right house. Came in and was soooo happy. Did lots of wandering around in night and knocking stuff off of Michele's desk. Huge relief for all concerned.
Current Mood: relievedrelieved

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